Henge: Bringing Vintage Back

Henge: Bringing Vintage Back

The unparalleled continental style of Italian luxury design brand Henge has never been more evident than in their vintage and enduring Octagon series of tables.

2015 finds Henge yearning to surround our lives with flourishes of enduring and unrivalled quality to embody our thoughts and emotions into a holistic environment whose warmth we cannot resist.

Unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair 2015, the Octagon series maintains Henge’s tradition for creating pieces designed by true artisans who utilise incredibly elegant materials to craft objects of long lasting beauty.

Available in three different sizes to serve different purposes the Octagon series is shrewdly designed to be used either singly or in combination. This empowers it to be a flexible choice for revitalising your surroundings and environment.

Henge Octagon Table 2

By concentrating the focus of the range on a bold octagonal shape Henge have captured the wonder of vintage designs for a modern audience who want to challenge contemporary furniture styles.

Discrete and slender legs are married to a supporting weave of orthogonal straps which carry an octagonal table top whose upturned edges promise to envelop you with the table’s sensory allure.

The choice of an octagonal table top is an inspired choice and harks back to the designs favoured by wealthy Italian families of the past. It is an amazing example of how Henge tap into their passion for timeless design by reconnecting with the past.

The truly eye-catching design is enhanced by an artisanal finish in burnished brass which promises to heighten the senses and take you back through the ages of classical Italian heritage.

Burnished brass allows a rich, characterful lived in look to be created by taking brass and buffing it at high speed. This allows a vintage style to be delivered which mimics brass passed down lovingly through the ages from generation to generation.

Combining this desire for a traditional octagonal design with the warmth and authentic finish of burnished brass, the Octagon series presents a rich history lesson on luxury Italian furniture design which is incredibly difficult to achieve with modern pieces.

The Octagon series of tables proves itself to be a true talking point and allows you create an eclectic atmosphere indebted to the past, but with its artistry comfortably welcome in any era.

At Summerhill+co we are proud to have been granted exclusivity for presenting this designer furniture online and will strive to answer all your questions regarding the Octagon series of tables, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.